Why Waggie's Tees? Well...

Looking for smart graphic tees? Looking for funny graphic tees? Philosophical graphic tees? Music or writing or cool kids' shirts? Well, you came to the right place.

We take high quality shirts from the likes of Bella+Canvas and Gildan, add our high-quality smart and funny graphics, print them in partnership with companies such as Monster Digital, and offer them to you for a nominal price (plus tax).

And we look good doing it.

Thanks for stopping by, and for coming back again and again for new designs.

Kids Graphic Tee Shirts

Uniquely fun kids graphic tees.

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Mugs for your yummies and things.

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To bring you the best of the best in graphic tee shirts and other useful, fun stuff.

To be prompt, upright, honorable, and typo free.

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  • Ya know...

    Just trying to keep it real, ya know? How many great ideas get lost, thinking you'll remember them and then you don't? Lots, I can tell you.

    But there are always new ideas, because life is funny if you know where, and how, to look.

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